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Local vs. Long Distance Moving: Which Option is Right for You?

Local vs. Long Distance Moving: Which Option is Right for You?

When hiring a professional and reliable moving company to take care of your moving needs, your move can either be a long-distance or local one.

Moving Locally

A local move is, by far, the most popular type of move. Some statistics show that around 33 million in the United US moved in 2022. This is around 12% of the US population within one year.

Generally defined as a move below 50 miles, a local move often takes you from part of the town to another, or from suburb to the city. These moves are often short and happen within one day or two.

For your local move, a mover will charge based on an hourly rate, fuel surcharge, and travel time. Although some moving companies include the costs of shrink wrap, tape, and furniture blankets, some movers charge extra for those items.

Tips for Moving Locally

Based on the time you have, you might be able to prepare new digs before the day of your move. Anything from setting up, construction, and painting to preliminary cleaning will be easier before having a whole worth of boxes take up your space at home. Depending on your situation, experts at AAA Moving suggest that you set up your home beforehand. This will be more helpful if you have pets and kids.

It will also help a lot to get help from your family and friends. You can bribe them with some baked goods or do whatever you want so you can get that support.

Moving Long Distance

Long-distance moves are more of interstate moves that require crossing state lines. Your long-distance mover must have the know-how so as to secure your things for the move. And if you plan to cross state lines, your mover must have insurance in order to cover different policies and places.

A long-distance move can be calculated in days instead of hours, based on how far you want to move. Throughout the move, your mover must secure the moving truck. Some of the things they can also move may include the following:

  • Motorcycles
  • Cars
  • Boats

Tips for a Long-Distance Move

Changing your address needs you to update the details of various plates. But things can get more complicated for your long-distance move, especially when you have to update your driver’s registration, license, and other essential documents.

During a long-distance move, it is likely that your boxes will be put in a moving truck, which includes boxes belonging to other families. In order to ensure your things are not mixed up and dropped off at the wrong address, label your boxes well with a name on them. And if you are more concerned about losing your boxes, consider writing your contact details on them.

Which Option is better for you?

Don’t worry about breaking the bank no matter the distance of move you opt for. Numerous factors can contribute to your decision, including distance and cost of the move. So it is best to weigh both their pros and cons to determine what’s best for you.

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