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How to Pack Your Moving Boxes Like a Pro

How to Pack Your Moving Boxes Like a Pro

While moving your house or business, the packing will involve using boxes. Packing boxes are vital since they help you stay organized and protect your items. Knowing how to pack your moving boxes properly is vital, so you don’t have too many of them or risk damaging your items. This article will teach you how to pack your boxes like a pro to make your relocation stress-free. Check the points discussed below.

Create a Moving Checklist

The first vital thing you need before packing is a moving checklist. Movers like Drop A Box advise having an inventory list to help you know how many boxes you need and the right sizes. Therefore, make sure you list the items that require packing and don’t forget about packing supplies like markers, paper, scissors, bubble wrap, and seal tape.

Get the Right Sizes

It is crucial to ensure you have the right size of boxes. Most boxes will come folded. So, you will need to unfold them and find the tops. Make sure you place several boxes in every room. Once you have distributed the boxes, you can start cushioning them depending on what you are packing. Use bubble wrap and packing paper for fragile items like silverware, fine china, and glassware. The cushioning provides an extra layer of protection so that the items will not break from the inside. 

Load Based on Weight

The rule of thumb when packing boxes is to start with the heavy items, followed by the lighter ones. This way, the heavy ones will not put too much weight on the light ones. It is also advisable to pack items in the right sizes and not to leave too much space. This way, the items cannot move during transit, which can cause breakage. 

Label the Boxes Correctly

Labeling your boxes helps you start organizing and recognizing delicate items for careful handling. You will also easily know where every box belongs. Labeling is vital, especially when using a moving company. Collecting labeling makes it easy for them to handle the boxes during loading and unloading. Furthermore, you can take pictures that help make a claim should your stuff get lost or damaged. Labeling boxes is also crucial if you keep some in a storage unit. You don’t need to look through the entire room for a particular box.

Avoid Overloading

Another rule of packing moving boxes is not to overload them. Even if you believe in your boxes’ sturdiness and the tape’s strength, it is advisable to pack moderately. Overloading is a major danger when lifting the boxes. There is a high chance of dropping a box, hurting your back, or the box might not be able to hold the weight. Therefore, ensure you don’t overload the boxes, especially when packing fragile items. 

Use Packing Tape

After filling the boxes with the recommended weight and labeling them, wrap them carefully. We advise adding more tape at the bottom to avoid tearing due to weight. Make sure the flaps are touching each other before sealing.


Getting high-quality boxes is the most important thing when packing your stuff. You can then follow these tips to ensure you pack your items efficiently. Remember, packing is a crucial part of your preparation when relocating.

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