The Best Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen in a rental house

The Best Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen in a rental house

It is most likely that the house you just rented has everything you wanted in a house other than a nice kitchen. If this happens to you or if you just want to transform your home kitchen you can only read below.

Add a mirror 

It will help you see your kitchen with a different prospective and you may never have seen a mirror in a kitchen but why not be the one to start this kind of decoration? A mirror will immediately give a character to your kitchen and make it wider if it is small.

Use of wallpaper

Make your kitchen back as you want it, as several homes the back of the kitchen simply does not have anything. It is painted in a shade of a dull color and there is no cache. Put a wallpaper of your choice and give her the character it is missing. Arttiles should not also be missing from the back of the kitchen as they are going to make it seem way brighter. 

Fix the floor

If the kitchen floor of the house you just rented is something you do not want to see, you just have to cover it. Put a beautiful carpet over and you will never see it again. The varieties of carpets’ colors will give you the opportunity to transform it in any way you like. Most kitchens are painted and have cupboards in earthy tones. Therefore, a carpet in shades of red, orange and pink could make the room stand out and make it look really nice.

Can you paint the walls?

 It would be good but not impressive! Can you also paint the ceiling? It would be even better. The perfect thing, however, is to add color on the kitchen cabinets. Kitchens with cabinets painted in bright colors are particularly impressive and stand out. You can choose red or yellow color and the result will be impressive compared to the way the kitchen was before. 

Cover the doors of your closets 

Use a sticker or wallpaper to cover the ugly doors of your closets. Just make sure that whatever you stick on them will be able to remove it when the time comes.

Remove the closet doors

 You can also make a huge change with all the respect to the rental house, just by removing all the closet doors and putting them in a warehouse and leave your closet without doors.

Add more storage space

 A very simple and cost-effective solution is to put a rail on a wall of your kitchen and hang out tools and kitchen towel. It is going to be really impressive and functional too, as you will not have to look for the pan that was always missing.

Add Plants 

This is the new fashion trend that mentions that the plants should enter to the spaces of your house. Put some in your kitchen too, and so decorate any nasty corner or surface.

Paint the chairs in bright colors 

If the kitchen table or the table where you eat your breakfast is monochrome and wooden, as almost every table, then adding some red, green, orange chairs will change the room totally. Add objects that make an impression on your eye and create excitement. Putting unusual furniture and decorative items, such as a mat or a relaxing armchair if it fits, it will eventually turn on your senses and make your kitchen look unique.

Add a colorful curtain in the kitchen 

If you have a kitchen window, you can put a curtain full of design and colors to cover it and you will instantly see the place totally transformed.

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