Electronic access locks are the best for your place

Electronic access locks are the best for your place

There was a time when a locksmith would have carefully design the keys and the locks for fitting well with each other. The art of such a person was all about understanding the shapes well and the expertise to shape the intricacies of lock and key. However, with the advent of electronics, the art of creating locks has transformed completely. The art now rests not in the hands of craftsmen, but the electronic engineers who can codify the entire system and give enhanced security, much better than a usual locksmith. This is the age of electronic access locks, which we shall unleash now.

What is an electronic access lock?

The electronic access locks are innovative security solutions that enhance the safety of our places. The system consists of microprocessors or microcontrollers to understand if the request for access by any person is valid or invalid. This is the result of the interpretation of a key, or code, entered by a requestor using algorithms built inside the system. The press of a few buttons can ensure that the access is granted only to a specific few people. And since it is electronic, it is difficult to even decode or decipher how to open the lock with stealth.

Components of an electronic access lock

The electronic access locks are comprised of the following components. 

  • A keypad welcomes the requestor and is the prime interface for the people. The keypad can be used to enter the code and it sends the user input to the electronic unit.
  • An electronic unit is responsible for receiving the input for the keypad and then decoding it. The code is matched with the stored code and if the match occurs, then it implies that the requestor is authentic and the access is granted.
  • However, if the code does not match, then the access is not granted. A reader is a device that is sued to interpret the code entered by the user. 

The system can also comprise of an alarm, in case the people around have to be alerted of an intruder. The electronic access locks can be placed on the doors and also in many other facilities. This helps to keep an eye on who requested for access. The system also captures the timestamp and the requestor’s details. The keypad can be replaced by a fingerprint reader or any other biometric system.

Benefits of electronic access lock

There are multiple reasons why electronic access locks can be of higher benefit to people.

  • Mechanical keys can be duplicated far easily without owner’s knowledge.
  • Keys can be used to access doors anytime. Electronic access control can have the time fixed for access.
  • No mechanical lock will provide you the details of person and time of access request.
  • If a key is lost, then all the corresponding locks have to be replaced.
  • The person and time of access can be regulated very easily using the electronic control systems.

The next thing that your office and home need is electronic access lock. Get it to beef up the security of your place.

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